3. Singular and Plural (Grade 1)

Singular and Plural

To change the nouns from singular to plural we normally add ‘s’ at the end of the word.

Exercise 1:


One book           two ___________

One chair          three __________

One bag            six ____________

One boat           many ___________

One phone         many ___________

One shirt          many ___________


Nouns that end with s, ss, sh, ch and x can be made plural by adding ‘es’.

Exercise 2:


gas            _____________

class         _____________

bush          _____________

match        _____________

box            _____________


Nouns that end with the letter y, can be made plural by changing y to ‘ies’ to make it plural.

Exercise 3:


lady           _____________

berry        _____________

baby          _____________

candy         _____________

lorry          _____________



When the noun has a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) before the end letter y, then just add s to it to make it plural.

Exercise 4:


boy            ___________

ray          ___________

tray           ___________

key            ___________

trolley       ___________


For complete worksheet – click on –  Nouns-Singular-Plural.pdf (511 downloads)

For a complete lesson – click on – Singular & Plural Nouns

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