Write your own story

Write your own story Lesson 16 Std 5

Keep these steps in mind while writing a story.

A. Planning Stage:

1.Think of an idea.
2.Choose your characters.
3.Build their Characteristics.
4.Create the right setting.
5.Add more characters to introduce a funny or mysterious element.
6.Plan the ending of the story.

B. Writing Stage:

1.Write a strong opening to introduce the setting and the characters.
2.Make use of interesting and effective dialogues between the characters.
3.Continue the plot of the story to keep the readers intrigued.
4.Take care to write the story in a sequential and chronological order.
5.Everyone loves a good end so end it well.

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C. Publishing Stage:

1.Read the entire story carefully.
2.Make changes where ever required.

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