Class 5 EVS1 Lesson 9 Maps – Our Companions answers

Maharashtra Board Class 5 EVS Solutions Part 1 Chapter 9 Maps – Our Companions

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 5 Environmental Studies Solutions Chapter 9 Maps – Our Companions Notes, Textbook Exercise Important Questions and Answers.

Maharashtra State Board Class 5 EVS Solutions Part 1 Chapter 9 Maps – Our Companions

5th Std EVS 1 Digest Chapter 9 Maps – Our Companions Textbook Questions and Answers

Use your brain power!

Jasbir and Manjeet are reading a map. They do not understand the following signs and symbols.

(1) Will you help them by writing the meanings of each sign and symbol?

Can you tell?

Identify the following signs and symbols and write their names in the boxes.


1. Make a list of the various landforms in your surroundings. Draw one of the landforms in your notebook using one of the methods of showing landforms.

Students should try this on their own

2. In the following sentences, underline the words that represent landforms and prepare signs or symbols for them.

(a) Sonali lives just beyond Mount Takmak.

Answer: Mount (Δ)

(b) Nilesh has gone on a trip to Gharapuri Island.

Answer: Island

3. Prepare signs and symbols for the following components : House, hospital, factory, park, playground, road, hill, river.

4. The given map shows height through the use of colours. However, one colour representation is wrong. Write which colour would be correct in its place.

Answer: In the map given in the text book page 43, in place of blue the colour for low elevation to be used should have been green.

Activity :

Study the relief maps of familiar areas. With the help of your teacher, make two-dimensional maps on paper.