Std 5 Lesson 19 Be a Good Host and Guest questions answers

Be a Good Host and Guest

Meanings :

glamorous – attractive and stylish.

memorable – something that is worth remembering

consult – seek information and advice from someone.

occasion – a special time or event

preferences – choices.

chalk out – plan something.

charades – a game in which players guess a word or phrase from a written or acted clue given for each syllable and for the whole item.

personally – in person.

acknowledge – admit the existence of something

appreciated – to be grateful or thankful

goodwill – friendly and helpful feelings or attitude.

Q1 . If your are the host, what preparation will you do before the party?

Ans. 1. Consult my family members first and see if they like the idea.

2. Make a list of people I wish to invite.

3. Send the invitation (orally or written) well in advance.

4. Make sure that the invitation includes all the necessary information.

5. Choose  a menu that the invited guest will enjoy.

6. Chalk out a programme.

7. Decide on the decarations.

8. Delegate the task to everyone.

Q2. If you are the host, what preparation will you do on the day of the party?

Ans.1. I will see that all the family members are ready before the guest arrive.

2. The decorations and food preparations are done.

3. Greet the guest as they arrive.

4. Introduce the guest to one another if they do not know each other.

5. See that all the guests are comfortable and happy.

6. Serve the food politely, making sure that everyone had been served.

7. Make sure that everyone gets a chance to participate and enjoy during the party games.

8. Say goodbye to each of them personally, when it is time for the guest to leave.

9. Make sure that everyone at home is helping out to clean up after the party.

Q3. What are the points we should remember, if we are a guest?

Ans. 1. I will acknowledge that I have received the invitation and let my host know whether or not I will attend the party.

2. I will choose a gift thinking well about what my host will like, not forgetting to remove the price tag before wrapping it beautifully.

3. I will be punctual.

4. Offer my help.

5. Be friendly with other guests.

6. Take active participation in the games and programmes.

7. Appreciate the food and decorations.

8. I will take as much food as I want and not waste it.

9. Say goodbye to my host before leaving.

10. Later let my host know how much I enjoyed the party.

Things to do:

Group Work:

1. Form groups of 5 – 8. Then make pairs of groups. Decide which group will be hosts and which will be guests. Arrange mock parties in the classroom so that the roles of hosts and guests can actually be played out.

2. Later on, hold groupwise discussion on how your party went. Make list of the tips you followed and those you forgot to follow.

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