Std 5 EVS 1 Lesson 14 Transport – question and answers


1. Write five sentences on how you have benefited from transport facilities.

Ans. I have benefited from transport facilities in the following ways.

(i) I go to school by bus.

(ii) I can travel long distance very easily.

(iii) I can also take my bicycle to travel short distance like playground, market or visit my friend.

(iv) I can also visit the hospital in big cities.

(v) I can visit temples and other tourist’s places very easily.

2. List four other facilities that have become available in the local area due to transport facilities.

Ans. Facilities that have become available in the local area due to transport facilities are:

(i) The vegetable market has a good supply of fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

(ii) All essential commodities are easily available locally.

(iii) Medical facilities have improved and all medicines are easily available.

(iv) New school and colleges have come up locally, so now students do not have to travel far for higher education.

3. Suggest four solutions to reduce the burden on the local transport.

Ans. The following are some solutions for reducing the burden on local transport.

(1) Using public transport as far as possible.

(2) Using private vehicles only when necessary.

(3) Using fuels that cause less pollution.

(4) Go walking or use bicycle for short distances.

4. Find the area in your locality with the least pollution. Why is this the least polluted area?

Ans. The least polluted area in my locality is the park because:

(i) There are very few people in a large area.

(ii) There are a lot of tree and plants in the park.

(iii) There are no vehicles allowed inside the park.

5. Write the full forms of CNG and LPG.

Ans. CNG – Compressed Natural Gas

        LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas

6. (a) In the above picture, which vehicle is causing pollution?

(b) What remedy will you suggest to reduce the pollution caused by this vehicle?

Ans. (a) The bus is causing a lot of pollution.

(b) The bus should be maintained and repaired time to time. And the diver should use fuels such as CNG or LPG.

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