Std 5 EVS 1 Lesson 13 Methods of Preserving Food question and answers


1. What’s the solution?

(a) The papads have become soft and moist.

Ans. If the papads have become soft and moist we should keep them out in the sun for drying

(b) Fruits like mangoes, amlas, guavas and vegetables like peas onions, tomatoes, fenugreek are needed all year round. They are available in plenty only in certain seasons.

Ans. We can have them throughout the year by making pickles, jam, juices and drying them in the sun.

2. Use your brain power!

Semolina (shevaya) do not get spoiled for a very long time. But kheer made from them spoils easily. Why is this so?

Ans. Semolina is a dry product and does not have moisture in it. So it does not get spoilt easily. But Kheer is made by adding milk to the semolina which is perishable. Therefore kheer made from milk gets spoilt.

3. Find and correct the wrong statements.

(a) When something is boiled, the micro-organisms in it are destroyed.  Correct

(b) Our food does not get spoiled when micro-organisms begin to grow in it.

Incorrect – Our food gets spoilt when micro-organisms begin to grow in it.

(c) Foodstuffs dried in summer cannot be used for the rest of the year.

Incorrect – Foodstuffs dried in summer can be used for the rest of the year.

(d) Foodstuffs get warmth when put in a fridge.

Incorrect- Foodstuffs get cold when put in a fridge.

4. Answer the following questions.

(a) What are the different methods of preserving food?

Ans. The different methods of preserving food are:




Placing in air tight containers

Adding preservatives

(b) Why do we avoid eating food that has got spoiled?

Ans. Food gets spoilt when micro-organisms grow in it. If we eat the food that has spoilt, it can cause a stomachache, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. The nutrition value of such food is also reduced. Sometimes, it can even threaten life.

(c) Why do we make jams from fruits?

Ans. We do not get all the fruits throughout the year. In order to enjoy them and to preserve them for a long time we make jams from fruits.

(d) What are preservatives?

Ans. Certain substances are added to jams and pickles to preserve them for a long time. They are called preservatives. Sugar, salt, asafoetida (hing), mustard, oil and vinegar are examples of preservatives.

(e) Find out the names of the different spices. Also find out which part of their plant they are.

Ans. Pepper, cardamom and cloves are seeds.

Cinnamon is the bark

Bell leaves, curry leaves are leaves.

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