Std 5 English lesson 26 Water in the Well – questions and answers

Things to do:

1. Find a word that has a similar meaning:

1. sorry – unhappy

2. whole – complete

3. Happily – joyfully

4. unfair – unjust

5. remove – take away

2. Answer the following questions.

(1) What does a farmer need most for his fields?

Ans. What a farmer needs most for his fields is a good source of water.

(2) Where was the well situated?

Ans. The well was situated just outside the boundary of Kasim’s field.

(3) What did Ahmad tell Kasim when he dug a channel and began to draw water?

Ans. When Kasim dug a channel and began to draw water, Ahmad came forward and scolded Kasim for touching the water in his presence.

(4) What did the Judge tell Ahmad?

Ans. The judge told Ahmad, “Why are you keeping the water in Kasim’s well? You have no right to keep your belongings in his property. You must remove them immediately. Or else, you can pay a daily rent to Kasim. Then he will allow you use his well.

(5) How do we come to know that Kasim was a generous man?

Ans. We know that Kasim was a generous man because he never troubled Ahmad by asking any rent for the water in his well.

3. Find the meaning of the following phrases and use them in your own sentences:

(i) again and again – repeatedly.

Inspite of warning her, Roshni made the same mistake again and again.

(ii) thought over – considered.

Priya thought over the solution her mom gave her.

(iii) in his mind’s eye – in his imagination.

The thief saw in his mind’s eye the money he would rob from the bank.

(iv) in store for – about to happen.

The students didn’t know what was in store for them at school.

(v) his/her heart sank – felt sadness

Rohan’s heart sank when he did not score good marks.

(vi) heart of hearts – innermost feelings.

Priya pretended to be cool, but in her hearts of hearts she was very nervous.

4. Group Work

Form group of 5 – 8. In each group, rewrite the story in the form of a play. Present scenes from your play in the classroom.

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