The Man in the Moon

Std 5 English Lesson 25 The Man in the Moon – questions and answers

Summary :

This in an imaginary poem in which the poet imagines that there is a man in the moon and he is the great captain of a ship that is sailing in the sky. But he made a mistake when he tried to take a drink from the dipper. He dipped his container in the Milky Way and slowly and carefully filled it. At once the Little Bear growled, and the Little Bear howled, this frightened the captain so much that he spilt the drink that scattered in the Milky Way.

Things to do:

1. Read the following:

remarkable – unusual

skipper – captain of a ship or boat.

Dipper – this word has two meanings. Dipper, means a container for taking out water. Also, there are two constellations called Little Dipper (Little Bear) and Big Dipper (Big Bear) in the sky.

dipped – put into a liquid.

Milky Way – the band of light consisting of stars that spreads across the sky at night

2. Answers to the following questions:

1. What mistake did the man in the moon make?

Ans. The man in the moon made the mistake of dipping right out of the Milky Way.

2. What did he try to take the milk from?

Ans. He tried to take the milk from the dipper.

3. Why did he spill the milk?

Ans. He slowly and carefully filled the dipper, but just then the big bear and the little bear growled and howled which frightened him and he spilled the milk.

3. Read the following and say whether the statements tell you about facts or whether they are imaginary.

1. There is a man in the Moon.

Ans. Imaginary

2. The Milky Way contains milk.

Ans. Imaginary

3. The Big Bear in the sky can growl.

Ans. Imaginary

4. The Moon sails across the sky.

Ans. Fact

5. You can fill the Dipper in the sky with milk.

Ans. Imaginary

6. There are a number of stars in the sky.

Ans. Fact

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