Std 5 English Lesson 22 A Book Review

Things to do


Write a short book review of any one of your favourite books.

Your review should include the following things.

Title : The Phantom Tollbooth

Name of the author: Norton Juster

Name of the illustrator: Mel Grant

The central idea of the book (what the book is about): It is about being educated and why they make us learn all the strange things at school

The important characters in the book and what they do:

  • Milo: a school-aged boy, the main character, bored with life prior to receiving the gifts
  • Tock: a “watchdog” (with an alarm-clock in his body) who befriends Milo after saving him from the Doldrums.
  • The Humbug: a pompous insect who joins Milo and Tock on their quest.
  • King Azaz: the King of Dictionopolis, one of the two rulers of Wisdom.
  • The Mathemagician:  Azaz’s brother and the other ruler of Wisdom. He rules the city of Digitopolis.
  • Rhyme and Reason: two princesses who settled disputes.
  • Faintly Macabre: the Not-So-Wicked Which.
  • Alec Bings:  a boy of Milo’s age and weight who sees through things
  • Chroma: conductor of an orchestra that plays all the world’s colors.
  • Dischord : a scientist who enjoys creating unpleasant sounds, and curing pleasant sounds.
  • Dynne: a genie who collects noises for Dr. Dischord.
  • The Soundkeeper: who loves silence, rules the Valley of Sound. Her vaults keep all the sounds ever made in history.
  • The Dodecahedron:  an inhabitant of Digitopolis with twelve faces, each of which shows a different emotion.
  • The Everpresent Wordsnatcher: a dirty bird that “takes the words right out of your mouth”.
  • The Terrible Trivium: a demon in the Mountains of Ignorance who wastes time with useless – or “trivial” – jobs.
  • The Demon of Insincerity: a misleading demon who never says what he means.
  • The Gelatinous Giant: a demon who blends in with his surroundings and is afraid of everything, mostly ideas.
  • The Senses Taker: a demon who robs Milo, the Humbug, and Tock of their senses by wasting their time and asking useless questions.
  • Officer Shrift: a very short man, the police force of Dictionopolis.
  • The Whether Man: who deals with whether there will be weather, rather than the specific nature of the weather.
  • The Lethargians:  lethargically small, mischievous creatures who live in the Doldrums and are irresponsibly lazy.
  • The Spelling Bee: an expert speller, but sometimes an enemy of the Humbug.

What you like about the book: It is funny and adventurous at the same time.

Why you want others to read the book/ what you learn from the book: It is a journey that we undertake along with Milo. And as we journey along we also reflect on the realities of life and education.

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