Std 10 Science 2 Question bank Solution

Std 10 Science & Technology 2 Question Bank Answers

Please find the Answers and Solution for the Question Bank from the Maharashtra Board for Science and Technology Part 2

Q 1 A) Choose the correct option.

1) Transfer of information from molecules of DNA to mRNA is called _____ process.

A. translocation           B. translation   C. transcription.        D. differentiation

2) Similarities in initial stages indicate the _______ evidence.

A. Connecting links B. Anatomical C. Embryological. D. Palaeontological

3) ______ is a vestigial organ in human beings.

A. Wisdom teeth         B. Ear muscles            C. Body hairs D. All the above

4) Nitrogenous molecules ………….. does not present on mRNA strands.

A) Adenine     B) Guanine      C) Uracil        D) Thymine

5) Various theories about the origin and development of living organisms have been proposed so far, among which the theory of ……………. is the most widely accepted.

A) Use and disuse of organs   B) Natural selection   C) Successive development of organisms      

D) Inheritance of acquired traits

6) The carbon dating method was developed by …………..

A) Willard Libby       B) Charles Darwin      C) Lamarck     D) Johann Mendel

7) It was asserted by ………….. that the principle of natural selection was useful in the gradual development of living organisms.

A) Willard Libby        B) Charles Darwin   C) Lamarck     D) Johann Mendel

8) Protein located in bones is ______.

A. myosin        B. melanin       C. haemoglobin           D. ossein

9) Which of the following vitamins is necessary for synthesis of NADH2 ?

A. Vitamin B3            B. Vitamin C   C. Vitamin B2             D. Vitamin K

10) _______ cells divide by mitosis.

A. Somatic.     B. Gametes     C. Stem.          D. Both A and C

11) The first step of karyokinesis is ________.

A. anaphase                 B. telophase                C. metaphase.              D. prophase.

12) _________ is not a part of mitosis.

A. Anaphase   B. Diplatin      C. Prophase     D. Cytokinesis

13) We get _______ energy from lipids.

A. 4 cal / gm.   B. 9 cal/ gm     C. 9 kcal/ gm.             D. 4 kcal/gm.

14) In Humans there are ___ pairs of chromosomes.

A. 22. B. 23   C. 44   D. 46

15) In one molecule of glucose …………… hydrogen atoms are present.

A) 6 B) 12 C) 22 D) 11

16) Of the following …………. is called the energy currency.


17) The cyclic reaction ‘Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle’ was discovered by ……. .

A) Parnassus B) Sir Heinz Krebs C) Meyerhoff D) Embden

18) An enzyme Rubisco is the most abundant type of …………… in nature.

A) Carbohydrate B) Vitamin C) Protein D) Fat

19) A diploid cell has ………. number of chromosomes.

A) 23 B) 46 C) 92 D) 36

20)Which of the following is not a type of asexual reproduction in multicellular organisms?

A. fragmentation         B. regeneration            C. Budding     D. binary fission

21) Find the odd one out:

A. Stigma        B. Anther       C. Style           D. Ovary

22) At the time of birth , there are _________oocytes in the ovary of a female foetus.

A. 1 to 2 million          B. 2 to 3 million          C. 2 to 4 million         D. none of these

23) _________ modern remedial technique is used if there is a problem in implantation of an embryo in the uterus.

A. Surrogacy.                        B. Sperm bank            C. In vitro fertilisation.           D. none of these.

24) Implantation of the embryo occurs in ________.

A. uterus.       B. ovary          C. oviduct.      D. vagina

25) In humans,sperm production occurs in the organ _______.

A. testes.         B. scrotum       C. prostate gland.        D. ovaries.

26)Pregnant mother supplies nourishment to her foetus through _________.

A. uterus. B. placenta C. ovary D. oviduct.

27) _________ twins are formed from a single embryo.

A. Dizygotic B. Monozygotic C. Multiple zygotes. D. Zygote

28)Pollen grains are formed by _________ division in locules of anthers.

A. meiosis B. mitosis C. amitosis. D binary.

29) Asexual reproduction occurs by _________ cell division.

A. mitotic B. meiotic C. fertilisation. D. double fertilisation.

30)This method of asexual reproduction is seen in paramecium.

A. transverse binary fission. B. longitudinal binary fission C. simple binary fission. D. regeneration

31) In meiosis, the number of chromosomes becomes _______.

A. multiple times. B. triple C. half. D.double

32) Generally, every month, ______ ovum is released in the abdominal cavity alternately from each ovary.

A. 1     B. 2     C. 3     D. 4

33) ________ is present in unisexual flowers.

A. Both androecium and gynoecium B. Only androecium C. Only gynoecium D. Androecium or gynoecium

34) Flowers without stalk are called ………..

A) Sessile B) Inflorescence C) Anther D) Male flower

35) The energy required by the sperms comes from the ………..

A) Mitochondria B) Fructose sugar C) Nucleus D) Proteins

36) In ‘44+XX’ 44 means number of ………….. .

A) sperm cell B) egg cell C) autosomes D) sex-chromosomes

37) An organ called as …………. is formed for supply of food material during the growth of the embryo in the uterus.

A) vesicle B) gallbladder C) white corpuscle D) placenta

38) Painful and burning sensation during urination are the symptoms of ………… sexual disease.

A) AIDS B) Gonorrhea C) Syphilis D) Hernia

39) _________ is a chemical factor of abiotic components.

A. Air. B.water. C.Nutrients D.sunlight

40) __________ is an organic compound of abiotic components. A. Proteins. B. Iron. C. Sodium. D. Oxygen

41) _______ is a rare species.

A. Lesser florican B. Tiger C. Giant squirrel. D. Musk deer

42) _________ is an indeterminate species.

A. Red panda. B. Lion C. Lion tailed monkey D. Giant squirrel

43) Occurrence of diversity among the organisms of the same species is called _______ diversity.

A.species. B.genetic C.ecosystem. D.animal

44) In modern civilization,——– has become a primary need. B.cloth C.shelter.

45) Among the abiotic components of the ecosystem, …… is the inorganic component.

A) Oxygen B) Carbohydrate C) Protein D) Fat

46)The solid component causing air pollution is …….

A) C B) CO C) CO2 D) H2S

47) Of the following places not any radioactive accident has occurred in ……….. .

A) Chernobyl B) Windscale C) Three Mile Island D) Pokhran

48) Environmental issues were discussed in the ……….. Five Year Plan in India.

A) first B) second C) third D) fourth

49) No industry, factory or person shall have the right to release pollutants into the atmosphere in excess of the prescribed limits under …………

A) Forest Conservation Act B) Environment Protection Act C) Wildlife Protection Act D) Biomedical Waste Rules

50)The headquarters of International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) is in ………..

A) Switzerland B) Geneva C) Norway D) America

51) The pink page of the IUCN’s Red List shows the names of ……… species.

A) Endangered B) Rare C) Vulnerable D) Indeterminate

52) Most electric power plants are based on the principle of _______.

A.electro induction. B. magnetic induction. C. electro- magnetic induction D. electromagnet.

53) Principle of Electromagnetic induction was invented by the scientist ______.

A. Ohm. B. Michael Faraday C. Joule. D. Newton

54) In the power plant based on nuclear energy ____ is used to rotate the generator.

A. Steam turbine. B. air turbine C. water turbine D. none of these.

55) When a neutron is bombarded on an atom of uranium _______ neutrons generated in this process.

A. 1. B. 2. C. 3. D. 4.

56) Kinetic energy in flowing water drives _______ to generate electricity.

A. watermill. B. windmill C. turbines. D. generator.

57) Wind turbines with capacity are commercially available.

A. 1 KW to 7 MW. B. 1 KW to 7 KW C. 1 KW to 7000 W D. 1 W to 7 MW

58) Solar photovoltaic cells convert the solar radiation energy directly into ____ energy.

A. electrical B. potential C. kinetic. D. heat.

59) A silicon solar cell of dimension 1 generates current of about ______.

A. 50 mA B. 30 mA C. 50 A D. 30 A

60)A silicon solar cell of dimension 1 generates ______ potential difference.

A. 0.1 V. B.0.5 V. C. 0.1 mV. D. 0.5 mV.

61) In nuclear power plants, neutrons are bombarded on atoms of ______.

A. uranium-236. B. barium C. krypton. D. uramium-235.

62)My body is soft and slimy,hence I am referred to as ______ . A. mollusca B. echinodermata C. annelida D. arthropoda

63)Which of the following is a hermaphrodite animal?

A. doliolum B. scorpion C. centipede D. cockroach

64)Which of the following animals can regenerate it’s broken body parts ?

A. Frog B. Starfish C. Sparrow D. Pigeon

65)Which of the following is a warm blooded (homeothers) animal?

A. Bat B. Tortoise C. Wall lizard D. Crocodile

66)My body is _______ shaped to minimise water resistance.

A. pointed B. spindle C. cartilaginous D. flat

67) _______ animal is called a friend of farmers.

A. Rabbit B. Cat C. Leech D. Earthworm

68)Which of the following animals has a hard calcareous shell?

A. nereis B. shark C. bivalve. D. herdmania

69)Among the following organisms in phylum …….. show cellular organisation.

A) porifera B) cnidaria C) platyhelminthes C) aschelminthes

70) Among the following types the body symmetry …………. is not found in animals.

A) asymmetric B) bilaterally symmetric C) Axial symmetric D) Triploblastic symmetric

71) An earthworm is …..……. animal.

A) an eucoelomate B) a pseudocoelomate C) a dicoelomate D) an acoelomate

72) Walrus belongs to the class ………

A) amphibian B) pisces C) reptile D) mammal

73) _________ acid is used in Production of vitamins .

A. Citric B. Gluconic C. Lactic D. Itaconic

74) Nowadays, ___ are used for treatment of diarrhoea and treatment of poultry also.

A. yoghurt B. probiotics C.vinegar D. cheese

75) Yoghurt is a milk product produced with the help of ———.

A. lactobacilli B. azotobacter C. corynebacterium. D. streptococcus.

76) —— is a powerful antibiotic against treatment of tuberculosis.

A. Penicillin. B. Rifamycin C. Streptomycin. D. Bacitracin.

77) ——– is used in the commercial bakery industry.

A. Compressed yeast. B. Algae C. Bacteria D. Microbes

78) —– is a substance obtained by microbial processing that roles as an artificial sweetener.

A. Nycin B. Lysine C. Xanthenes D. Xylitol

79) The taste of butter is due to the compound ………….. in it.

A) Lactose B) Fat C) Diacetyl D) Acetic acid

80)A cheese that has hardened slightly after keeping for three to twelve months is called ……

A) Mozzarella B) Parmesan C) Cottage D) Cheddar

81) A drink made by fermenting apple juice is called ………

A) Cedar B) Brine C) Wine D) Juice

82) The group of bacteria used to break down oil spills is called …..


83) At the earliest stage of development, the organism is in the form of a mass of a cell, which are almost alike, those cells are called ________.

A. Stem cells B. RBC C. WBC D. None of these

84) Which of the following is an important requirement in organ transplantation?

A. Blood group of recipient B. Diseases of donor C. Age of donor D. All above.

85) Availability of _____ is an important requirement in organ transplantation.

A. doctor B. clinic D. donor D. ambulance.

86) The disease related with the synthesis of insulin is _______.

A. cancer B. arthritis C. heart disease D. diabetes.

87) Transgenic raw potatoes generate immunity against _______ disease.

A. plague B. cholera C. leprosy D. TB

88) ________ have valuable contributions in the green revolution in the USA.

A. Dr. Norman Borlaug. B. Dr. Swaminathan. C. Dr. Wargis Currian. D. Dr. Hargovind Khurana.

89) Methods like artificial insemination and embryo transplant are mainly used for __.

A. animal husbandry. B. wild life C. pet animals. D. infertile women.

90)Cell _______ starts from the 14th day of conception.

A. growth. B. differentiation C. development D. division

91) _______ is the revolutionary event in biotechnology after cloning.

A. Human genome project B. DNA discovery C. Stem cell research D. All the above

92) Biotechnology integrated the toxin which is fatal for ______, was produced in leaves and bolls of cotton.

A. bollworm B. caterpillar C. sparrow D. frog

93) The Government of India has encouraged _____ for improving productivity by launching the program NKM-16.

A. aquaculture. B. poultry C. piggery D. apiculture

94) _____ are present in the umbilical cord by which the foetus is joined to the uterus of the mother.

A. stem cells B. muscle cells C. neuron cells D. bone cells

95) For the purpose of preservation stem cell samples are kept in ——-.

A. liquid oxygen B. hydrogen C. liquid chlorine D. liquid nitrogen

96)Phenylketonuria arises due to genetic changes in ______ cells.

A. liver B. intestine C. pancreas D. heart

97) ________ organisms are used as biofertilizers.

A. Thiobacillus B. Nostoc C. Saccharomyces D. Ischeria

98) Stem cells are not found in ……….

A) Umbilical cord B) Blastocyst C) Adipose tissue D) Liver

99) The leaves of the transgenic variety of ………. are given to chew to prevent the cattles from contracting viral disease, rinderpest.

A) Potatoes B) Tobacco C) Maize D) Bamboo

100) Dolly the sheep born through cloning technique has grown in the womb of a ………. sheep.

A) Scottish B) German C) Finn Dorset D) Denmarkian

101) The idea of using microorganisms to destroy oil spills was first suggested by an American scientist of Indian origin …………

A) Hargovind Khurana B) J. C. Bose C) Rishi Sunak d) Dr. Anand Mohan Chakraborty

102) Alcohol consumption mainly affects the ______ system.

A. nervous B. excretory C. respiratory D. digestive

103) Laughter club is a remedy to drive away _______.

A. addictions B. stress C. lethargy D. epidemics

104) _______ helps to improve concentration in the studies.

A. hobbies B. sports C. meditation. D. eatables

105) _______influence is stronger in case of adolescents.

A. Teachers. B. Fathers C. Relatives. D. Peer group

106) Our _______ has been changed to some extent in the age of technology.

A. lifestyle B. habit C. circumstance D. passion

107) Hobbies like _______ pet animals help to create a positive mindset.

A. feeding B. transfering C. rearing D. looking

108) Continuous consumption of ______ substances causes carcinogenic effects, especially on the mouth and lung.

A. hot              B. sweet          C. spicy                       D. tobacco like

109) Alcoholic person lacks the _____ thinking.

A. straight B. rational C universal D. spiritual

110) _____ may arise due to excessive use of mobile phones.

A. Headache               B. Problem in vision                C. Joint pains              D. All above

111) Liquor is produced from ______.

A. alcohol                    B. glucose                   C. acid                         D. salt

112)The IT Act related to Cyber Crime came into force in the year ………

A) 1972                       B) 1986                       C) 2000                       D) 2010

113)Salaam Mumbai Foundation runs programs for _______ in a slum area.

A. education               B. tobacco                   C. cyber crimes           D. domestic violence

114)The headquarters of the National Disaster Response Force is at ……..

A) Delhi                      B) Mumbai                  C) Kolkata                  D) Chennai