My Family essay for class 2

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Essay writing is taught and encouraged in school so that the child inculcates the habit of forming correct sentence structure. The child develops grammar rules and communication skills. The students also learns to express their thoughts fluently and thus gain confidence. Since these students are still in their early stages of learning, reading a lot of essays will help them building their vocabular and enhancing their writing skills. The following essay and other essays on this site will help the students in setting a firm foundation in writing their essays on their own.

Class 2 essay on My Family

Hello friends, today I will tell you about my family. I belong to a beautiful family of 6 members. They include my grandparents, parents, my elder sister and I. let me introduce each of them one by one. The eldest member is my grandfather, Bharat, he was a Bank Manager. Next is my grandmother, Sumati. She was a school principal. Both of them have retired from work. They stay at home to look after my sister and me. They tell us wonderful moral stories. I love to listen to them. Now let me tell you about my father, Rohan. He is a chartered accountant and has his own office. There are many people working in his office. My mom is a computer engineer. She develops various applications for big companies. During vacations we love to go on outing together. My sister is studying in class 5. She is very humbly and kind. She helps me in my studies. And I am Shoham. All of them lovingly call me ‘Chintu’. I am the apple of everyone’s eye. I am proud of each and every one of them and feel lucky to be born in this family.

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