Major Dhyan Chand – Std 5 Lesson 7 questions answers

Class 7 Chapter 7 Major Dhyan Chand – Questions and Answers

Things to do

1. Guess the meanings of the following words:

water-logged: flooded with water

postponed: to reschedule something later

novel: new

barefoot: without wearing anything on the fees

fruitless: failing to achieve the desired results

pounced: a sudden movement towards someone

2. Name the following:

(1) Host of the 1936 Olympic Games

Ans: Germany

(2) Ruler of Germany

Ans: Adolf Hitler

(3) Not comfortable with the wet ground

Ans: The Indian team

(4) Scored the first goal in the match

Ans: Roop Singh

(5) Did not let the passes go waste:

Ans: Players in the ‘D’

(6) Captain of the Indian team:

Ans: Dhyan Chand

(7) Pounced on Dhyan Chand and hurt him:

Ans: The German goalkeeper

(8) Third time winners of the Olympic goal medal for hockey

Ans: The Indian team

3. Activity:

Find out how the following games are played.

Lawn Tennis

Table Tennis






4. Language study

Read the highlighted words. They are verbs.

The goalkeeper pounced on Dhyan Chand and hurt him.

Now find at least 5 other verbs from the passage,






5. Use the following phrases in your own sentences:

be sure of

Ans: We must always be sure of telling the truth.

try one’s level best

Ans: Arya tried her level best to get full marks.

at any cost

Ans: The school’s basketball team wanted to win the match at any cost.

turn down the offer

Ans: Even after requesting him to stay, he turned down the offer.

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Extra Questions:

Answer the following questions:

Passage 1 (text book page 16)

Saturday, 15 August, 1936 ……… They too succeeded in making one goal.

1) Why had Hitler himself come to watch the match?

Ans: Hitler himself had come to watch the match because Germany were sure of their victory.

2) Why was the Indian team under pressure?

Ans: The Indian team were under pressure because they had lost to Germany in the practice match and were not very comfortable with the wet ground.

3) Who had come to support the Indian team?

Ans: The Maharaja of Baroda State, the Price of Bhopal and few other Indians had come to support the Indian team.

4) Why couldn’t the match be postponed further?

Ans: Since it was the last day of the games it was not possible for the match to be postponed.

5) What strategy had the German team adopted?

Ans: The German team had adopted a strategy of using the Indian technique of short distance passes against the Indian team itself.

6) Why could no team make a goal in the first half?

Ans: Since both teams were being equally aggressive, no team was able to make a goal in the first half.

7) Who made the first goal? When?

Ans: Roop Singh made the first goal during the 32nd minute.

8) How was the Indian team able to score three more goals against Germany?

Ans: The Indian team were able to score three more goals against Germany because the entire team played as one.

9) Write antonyms of the following

  1. huge × little
  2. found × lost
  3. weak × strong
  4. defend × attack
  5. last × first

Passage 2 (text book page 16 – 17)

Now, only a few last minutes ………glory for our country.

1) Why did Dhyan Chand remove his shoes and socks?

Ans: Dhyan Chand’s spiked shoes were making it difficult for him to run fast on the wet ground, so he removed his shoes and socks and began to run barefoot.

2) Who are players in the ‘D’?

Ans: Players in the ‘D’ are the players in the defenders’ or opponents’ area.

3) Did Dhyan Chand score the goals himself? If not why?

Ans: No, Dhyan Chand did not score the goals himself as he did not want to play a selfish game. Instead he took the ball away from the German defenders and made it possible for the players in the D to score goals.

4) Why did the German players resort to a rough game?

Ans: Since they were going to get defeated, the German players resorted to a rough game.

5) Who scored the last goal of the match?

Ans: Dhyan Chand scored the last goal of the match.

6) What is a hat-trick?

Ans: When a team wins three times in a row, it is called as a hat-trick.

7) When is National Sports Day celebrated?

Ans: National Sports Day is celebrated on the day of Major Dhyan Chand birthday, August 29.

8) Write about your favorite game and describe how it is played.

Ans: My favourite game is basketball. Basketball is a team sport where two teams, usually consisting of five players per team, play against each other on a rectangular court. The objective is to get the ball through a hoop mounted high on a backboard on the opponents side of the court while preventing the opponents from doing the same.

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