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Contributed by Palak Parekh – A student of JK Academy
☆Your friend is a very studious boy , he spends all his time only studying and feels that playing is a waste of time. Write a letter to him explaining that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Give details about the importance of ‘ Healthy mind in a healthy body’

A-12, Happy Home CHSL ,
Anand Nagar ,
Dahisar ( east) ,
Mumbai – 400068.
6th July, 2017

Dear Idhika,
I was delighted to know from your mother that you secured the first rank in 8th  standard. Congratulations, to you. She also  told me about your hard work, it is a very good  sign that you  study  hard. But, Idhika  study  is not the do all and end all in life.

Besides, studies there is so much more to life. Certainly,  you should play a little, at least an hour or two in a day. Playing regularly  is necessary. Playing with friends releases tension, we feel fresh and light. Playing is a form of exercise which is very important for the body. If you do not play , you may get disorders at an early age. What good will all your achievements be if you fall sick and will not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Playing is certainly not a waste of time but an essential part of life. Playing outdoor games will build your  endurance in fighting diseases and thus make your body strong and healthy. As you know a ‘Healthy mind stays in a healthy body .

I know study is very important , but an all round development be it sports, dramatics or music will take you far ahead in life. Give  time to everything, as you know ‘ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. I know you will reflect on my advise and implement it. Give my regards to uncle , aunt , and your little brother Arav.

Yours lovingly,
     X Y Z

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