Class 8 English Lesson 1.4 Revathi’s Musical Plants answers

Std 8 English Lesson 1.4 Revathi’s Musical Plants English Workshop


balsam : threw away carelessly

stunted : slow down or stop growth

struck her us add : to seem very strange

surmise : suppose something is true

mauve : of a pale purple colour

knew no bounds : have no limits

ridicule : make fun of

deter : discourage

mission : an important task undertaken

dejected : sad disappointed

stunned : astonished and amazed

English Workshop

1.  Read the story and complete the following.

(a) At first, Revathi’s plants did not look normal and health because …….

Ans. At first, Revathi’s plants did not look normal and health because they had pale green leaves and their growth was stunted due to insufficient sunlight.

(b)  When Revathi played her favourite raga, the plants began to move because ……

Ans. When Revathi played her favourite raga, the plants began to move because they liked the music she was playing.

(c) Revathi’s grief knew no bounds because ……..

Ans. Revathi’s grief knew no bounds because she could not find her pot of balsam plants.

(d) Revathi was confident of proving her ownership of her pot of plants because ….

Ans. Revathi was confident of proving her ownership of her pot of plants because she knew that her plants loved music and would respond to her favourite raga. They would bend their stems towards her, proving that they were hers.

(e) Revathi won the prize for the ‘Best Plant’ because ………

Ans. Revathi won the prize for the ‘Best Plant’ because her plants were the best looking and the healthiest.

2. Answer the following question

(a) What did Revathi discover about her balsam plants?

Ans.  Revathi discovered that the balsam plants were growing well and looking healthier. She also discovered that bent towards her when she played the raga ‘Mohanam’.

(b) Why did she decide to keep her new knowledge ‘a secret’?

Ans. She decided to keep her new knowledge a secret, maybe because she tought that nobody would belive her or may be because she wanted to surprise every one about her new discovery.

(c) How did the plants respond when Revathi played her favourite tune?

Ans.  When Revathi played their favourite tune the plants slowly straightened themselves and bent towards her.

(d) How did the plants react to the fast rhythmic music?

Ans. When Revathi played the fast rhythmic music, all the plants turned away from her as though they did not like what she was playing.

(e) How did Revathi prove to the organisers of the competition, that the plants truly belonged to her?

Ans. Revathi sat near her plants with her violin and slowly started playing her favourite raga. The plants that were straight at first,  bent slightly. As she played on and on, their stems bent towards Revathi as though they wanted to touch her, in their happiness.

This way she was able to prove to the organizers that the plants belonged to her.

(f) What helped Revathi to claim her plants – her belief in magic or the belief in her convictions? Explain your choice.

Ans. Revathi was able to claim her plants because of her belief in her conviction. She knew that her plants responded to her music.

3. (A) A word chain consists of words of a certain category that begin with the letter, that the previous word has ended with. Complete the word chain adding Four Nouns from the text.

Ans. Music – courtyard – deter – raga – applauded – dejected.

(B) Add the appropriate Prefix to make the following words opposite in meaning.  continue – discontinue

definite – indefinite

place – displace/misplace

possible – impossible

believe – disbelieve

known – unknown

certain – uncertain

important – unimportant

regular – irregular

(C) Use the following expressions to make sentences of your own.

1) make up one’s mind – Sonia finally made up her mind to attend the programme.

2) flash across one’s mind – Suddenly the right answer flashed across my mind.

3) struck as odd – It struck as odd to Rohan that his friend did not come to school.

4) to surmise – So Rohan surmised that his friend must be ill.

5) knew no bounds – Riya’s happiness knew no bounds when she won the first prize.

6) not to deter – His parents could not deter Amit’s decision of joining the army.

4. Imagine there is a ‘Best Plant’ Competition in the locality/colony where you live. Frame a Notice about the same, in the form of an attractive poster. Cover the following points.

(1)  Name of the organization. (2) Name of the Contest. (3) Day, Date, Venue. (4) Who can Participate. (5) Contact details for further enquiry.

(Students should solve this on their own)

5. Types of sentences

Study the following sentences.

Set (A) Revathi was a student of music.

    The flowers were big and brightly coloured; indeed.

    They were requested to believe her.

All the above sentences are statements or assertions, and called Assertive or Declarative sentences.

Set (B) Wasn’t Revathi a student of music?

    How can we doubt her?

Do plants have ears?

The above sentences in Set (B) are Questions. They are called Interrogative sentences.

Set (C) Please believe me.

  Let us watch the fun.

  Sit straight. Excuse me.

In Set (C) the sentences are either requests, appeals, commands, suggestions etc. Such sentences are called Imperative Sentences.

Set (D) How big and bright the flowers were!

   What a surprise!

    Ah, what beautiful music that is!

Set (D) had sentences that express strong feelings. They are called Exclamatory Sentences.

State the kinds of the following sentences.

(1) How happily she played the violin!

Ans. Exclamatory

(2) The all bent towards her.

Ans. Assertive

(3) Don’t play that quick tune.

Ans. Imperative

(4) She kept the knowledge a secret.

Ans. Assertive

(5) How can plants enjoy music?

Ans. Interrogative

(6) How proudly did Revathi carry home her prize!

Ans. Exclamatory

(7) What could have taken my plants?

Ans. Interrogative

(8) The organisers were not convinced.

Ans. Assertive

6. Make the following Negative using the negative words given.

(1) There were a few potted plants in the courtyard. (not many)

Ans. There were not many potted plants in the courtyard.

(2) They looked healthier than the other plants. (not as healthy as)

Ans. The other plants did not look as healthy as these plants.

(3) She refused to share her secret. (would not)

Ans. She would not share her secret.

(4) She went around asking everyone about her plants. (No one/did not)

Ans. She did not omit anyone when she went around asking about her plants. OR

She omitted no one when she asked about her plants.

7. Make the following Affirmative using the words given.

(1) There was no breeze. (hardly)

Ans. There was hardly any breeze.

(2) Their ridicule did not deter her. (failed to)

Ans. Their ridicule failed to deter her.

(3) Her mother knew nothing about it. (denied)

Ans. Her mother denied knowing anything about it.

(4) She did not give up. (refuse to)

Ans. She refused to give up.

8. Imagine that Revathi’s father is abroad, on business and she wishes to convey the news of her prize – winning plants. Draft an email for the above subject.

From revathi
Subject Best Plant Contest
Hi Dad,
You must be surprised on receiving this email. I’m super excited to share some great news. But first let me ask, how are you? How is your conference going on? Did you get an opportunity to go sightseeing? Send me the pictures. I’m eagerly waiting to hear all about your trip.   Now let me share my excitement and the reason for sending this mail. Dad, I participated in the colony’s ‘Best Plant’ contest. And won the 1st Prize! You must be having a lot questions in your mind. Let me give you all the details. One day I noticed some balsam plants in the corner of our courtyard. I moved the pot towards the sunlight and watered them daily. Soon, they started growing well and looking healthier than before. And so I decided to participate in the ‘Best Plant’ contest, and won the 1st prize. Unimaginagble! Isn’t it dad?   There is another surprise for you, Dad. My plants respond to music. Yes! It is hard to believe. But that’s what I have discovered. When I play the raga ‘Mohanam’ on my violin, the plants bend towards me.   There’s lot’s to tell you about my plants, my music and the contest. I want to show you my discovery too. Miss you dad. Lots of hugs and kisses. Don’t worry about us here. Mom is taking take of everything.  You have a great time. See you soon.
Bye for now.