2. Nouns (Grade 1)

2. Nouns


Exercise 1: From the list given below pick out the names of persons, places, animals and things.

park                cow                 bag                 lion

peacock          parrot            playground     computer

boy                 doctor            aunt                garden

pencil              school             hospital          elephant

tailor              sister             paper              bed

Persons Places Animals Things

Exercise 2: Underline the Nouns in the following sentences.

  1. Mr. Ben goes to office every day.
  1. This house has many rooms.
  1. The children are playing in the garden.
  1. My mother cooks at home.
  1. He baby was sleeping in the cradle.
  1. An old lady was trying to cross the road.
  1. Ron is wearing a new shirt.
  1. Cow gives us milk.
  1. The table and the chair are broken.
  1. Paul plays the drums very well.

Exercise 3: Write the names of some nouns you know.

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For a complete lesson – click on – Nouns


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