1. Sentences (Grade 5)

A set of words that make sense and puts forward a thought is called a sentence.

We use sentences when we speak, read or write.

Kindly note that, sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark.

Different types of sentences are:

1. Assertive or Declarative Sentence:

A sentence that asserts or declares something is called an Assertive or Declarative Sentence.

An Assertive or declarative sentence always ends with a full stop. (.)


The books are neatly  the library.                               

Tina has an excellent arranged in  collection of rare stamps.

A group of dolphins is called a pod.

2. Interrogative Sentence:

A sentence that asks a question is called an Interrogative sentence.

An Interrogative sentence ends with a question mark. (?)


Why is the baby crying?

When will you return back from  your vacation?

Have all the cows returned to the shed?

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