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Imaginative story

contributed by Mst. Jihan Shah a student of JK Academy


Rahul and Rohan were best friends. They had a lot in common, they were both 12, they shared the same neighbourhood; they were in the same school and same class. But they had one small difference; Rahul belonged to a rich family while Rohan came from a poor family. Rahul liked sports while Rohan liked academics. As Rahul was rich he attended a lot of extra-curricular classes such as handball, skating, lawn-tennis etc. while Rohan concentrated on his studies. Inspite of these differences they just couldn’t do without each other. They were inseparable, like two peas in a pod.

Early one morning, as they were walking towards school, Rohan noticed a wallet lying under a tree. He pointed it to Rohan, who picked it up and opened it. The purse was full of cash. They glanced up and down the street, trying to locate the owner, but none seemed to have lost a purse.

Now they did not know what to do. After a lot of thinking Rohan suggested that they spend the money by giving a small party to all their friends at school. The idea was really tempting so Rahul readily agreed. Happily they continued to walk towards school. On the way they saw a poor man begging at the side of the road. They felt sorry for him. Rohan immediately opened the wallet and was about to take out some cash, when Rahul stopped him. He told Rohan that what they were doing was wrong. Rahul couldn’t understand it. How can helping someone be wrong!

Rohan pulled Rahul aside and explained to him that the money did not belong to them and therefore, they had no right to spend it. Rahul realised his mistake. After some discussion the two friends decided to give the wallet to the nearest police station.

And so they now started walking towards the police station. There they located the inspector in charge, narrated the whole incident to him and handed the wallet to him. The inspector promised them that he would find the owner as soon as possible. They felt very happy to have done a good job. Just then they realized that they were late for school. So they ran towards school as fast as they could.

At school they were reprimanded by their teacher. But when they explained to her the reason for being late, she patted them on their backs and mentioned the incident to the school principal. During the next morning’s assembly, the principal felicitated them with ‘Honesty is the best Policy’ certificate and a small prize. What an example they had set, the whole school was truly proud of them.  

by Mst Jihan Shah

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