Std 7 English Lesson 3.2 Compere a Programme -questions and answers

Meanings of difficult words from the lesson:

compere: a person who introduces the people and programmes during a function; a presenter

preoccupation: to be engrossed in some activity or thought

dignitaries: important persons

escort: to accompany someone

dais: a platform or stage

hearty: cheerful

inauguration: the beginning or introduction of an event or place

auspicious: favourable moment

symbolic: serving as a symbol

tremendous: a great amount

potential: having the capacity to

distinguished: very successful

eminent: famous and respected

prestigious: having high status

comprise: consists of

rendition: performance

convener: a person who gets people together and organises a function

beacon: a role model

appraise: give information

illustrious: admired and respected

butterflies in the stomach: to be nervous

to lend a helping hand: to help someone


1. The items in the programme below have got mixed up. Rearrange them in the proper order. Just add the number in the left hand column.

Balanand Vidyalaya Art Festival Programme

( 6) –> Koli Dance

(2) –> Igniting the Lamp

(9) –> Chief Guest Speaks

(4) –> Appraisal of the Art Festival

(1) –> Dignitaries Arrive

(5) –> Recital of ‘Taal kacheri’

(3) –> Welcome and Introduction of Guests

(8) –> Prize Distribution

(7) –> The Boy Comes Home – A skit by Std IX

(10) –> Vote of Thanks

2. Form groups of 5-8. This passage tells us only what the compère says. Try to visualise and write what the other people on the dais must have said in their speeches (Write only the main points.)

• The School Principal

(i) What includes in Art

(ii) The purpose of art in modern times

(iii) Why is it important to hold Art Festivals

• The Chief Guest

(i) The significance of Art Festival

(ii) Art and culture to be integrated in all spheres of life

(iii) Art festivals help to preserve the culture and tradition

The Art teacher who offered vote of thanks.

(i) The art teacher will thank the chief guest, principal, other dignitaries, the staff members, parents and studensts.

(ii) The importance of showcasing, appreciating and encouraging the work done by the students.

3. Choose the appropriate phrase to insert in the gaps, to make the sentences meaningful. Use the appropriate form of the verb.

[1] to apprise [2] to be relieved of [3] to draw the curtains [4] to escort [5] to be likened to [6] to have butterflies in one’s stomach

(a) Before we draw the curtain, let us stand in attention for the National Anthem.

(b) I had butterflies in my stomach just as I was to receive my report card.

(c) After I took the medicine, I was relieved of the pain.

(d) Before we do the experiment in the laboratory, let me appraise you all about it.

(e) The minister was escorted by his personal body-guards.

(f) Sorrowful times are likened to darkness.

4. Prepare a formal invitation card for the Art Festival.

We solicit your presence at the Inauguration of

Balanand Vidyalaya’s ART Festival

at the hands of Honourable Chief Guest

Shri. Charudatta Diwan

President of Kala Ranjan Academy


Shri. Avadhoot Pathak

President of Balanand Education Society

Time: 10 am to 1 pm , Friday, 18th December, 2020

Venue: Assembly Hall, Balanand Vidyalaya

Dr Ajinkya Parakhi

Principal, Balanand Vidyalaya

Ms Shilpa Sanghani

Convener of this Art Festival

Ms Shubhada Murarka

Cultural in-charge

5. Prepare a news report in brief on this Art Festival.

6. Chalk out detailed programmes for the following occasions.

• The Teacher’s Day programme in your school.

• An exhibition of science projects arranged in your classroom.

• A wedding anniversary/birthday celebration for your grandparents that you have arranged with your family.

7. Language Study : Object : Direct and indirect – An object is a word, phrase or clause that shows the person, thing etc. affected by the action of the verb. The underlined words or phrases in the following sentences are objects.

1. Mother drives a scooter.

2. He gave me a pen.

There are two types of object : direct and indirect.

The direct object is directly affected by the action. For example, in sentence 2 above, ‘a pen’ is direct object.

An indirect object refers to the person or a thing to whom/for whom the action is done. In sentence 2 above, ‘me’ is an indirect object.

Write 5 sentences each with direct object and indirect object.

Direct Object

1. Sarthak bought a car.

2. They offered flowers in the temple.

3. The children prepared beautiful paintings.

4. Miss Sonal presented the programme.

5. The choir sang the songs.

Indirect Object

1. Rohit hit Soham with a bat.

2. Aditya brought his sister home from school.

3. Father gave me a watch.

4. Sonia made him a card.

5. The maid fed the baby.

Answer the following questions:

1. Why does the compère request the audience to switch off their mobile phones?

Ans. The compere requests the audience to switch off the mobile phones so that the programme can run smoothly without the audience getting distracted by someones mobile phone rings during the programme.

2. Why does she request them to be seated?

Ans. The compere requests everyone to be seated as the dignitaries have arrived and the programme is about to begin.

3. At the beginning of the programme, who does the compère address by name?

Ans. At the beginning of the programme the compere addresses the Head Girl Miss Shubhad Murarka to escort the dignitaries to the dias.

4. Do you have a school song? What does it tell you?

Ans. Yes, we have a school song. It motivates us to always strive hard for excellence.

5. Guess the meaning of : Atithi Devo Bhava!

Ans. Atithi Devo Bhava means to treat guest like God.

6. What do we learn about Shri. Charudatta Diwan from the compère’s speech?

Ans. From the compere’s speech we come to know that Shri.Charudatta Diwan is a very eminent personality from the field of Art and Culture, a renowned Artist, a Painter of International Repute, a recipient of many prestigious awards and President of Kala Ranjan Academy.

7. Who does the compère thank?

Ans. The compere thanks the principal Dr Ajnkya Parakhi, who has welcomed the chief guest b offering two books.

8. Who are they?

Mr Avadhoot Pathak – President of Balanand Education Society

Ms Shubhada Murarka – Head Girl of the school

Mr Ajinkya Parakhi – The principal of the school

9. Describe the book that is released.

Ans. The book that was released is a volume comprising photographs of all the beautiful and unique pieces of art which are displayed in the auditorium. They are the artistic and skilful contributions from the students.

10. Why does the compère thank the Chief Guest?

Ans. The compere thanks the chief guest for releasing the book and formally inaugurating the school art festival.

11. Who is taking part in the Taal Kacheri ?

Ans. The participants of Taal Kacheri:

Sahil of Std X A gave a vocal rendition,

Varsha on Mridangam,

Vivek on Dholak,

Zubin on Tabla and

Govind on Ghatam.

12. Guess/Find the meaning of Taal Kacheri.

Ans. Taal Kacheri means a musical concert.

13. How is this vocal rendition different from music?

Ans. Music is the sound that is generated by playing a musical instrument whereas vocal rendition is music generated by a person’s voice.

14. Does the compère say the following at the beginning of the programme or after it has ended ? • What a wonderful presentation. • That was indeed a fantastic performance !

Ans. The comepere says these words at the end of a programme.

15. What is meant by ‘butterflies in your stomach’?

Ans. ‘butterflies in your stomach’ is an idiom which means – to be nervous.

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