Std 6 History Lesson 2 Sources of History

1. Answer in one sentence.

(1) In the past, what materials were used for writing?

Ans: In the past potsherds, unbaked bricks, using pointed objects, bark of birch tree and copper plate were used for writing. 

(2) What information is obtained from Vedic literature ?

Ans: The information obtained from Vedic literature is of, life of man and ancient Indian history. 

(3) Which literature is preserved by oral tradition?

Ans: Owis, folk songs, folk tales and  similar literature is preserved by oral tradition.

2. Classify the following sources as material, written and oral sources.

Copper-plate, folk tales, pottery, beads,travelogues, owis, inscriptions, Vedic

literature, stupa, coin, Puranas

Material sourcesWritten sourcesOral sources
beadstraveloguesfolk tales

Vedic literature

3. Observe the picture of earthen pots and try to make similar ones.

4. Observe any coin and note the following things.

Inscription on the coin : One rupee India 1947

Metal used : Copper + Nickel 

Year of the coin: 1947 

Symbol on the coin : Tiger

Language: Hindi,English

Shape: Round

Denomination of the coin:One rupee  

5. Do you know a few things by heart ? Present them in your group.

For example : poems, prayers, tables, etc.

देवा तूंचि गणेशु |

सकलमति प्रकाशु |

म्हणे निवृत्ति दासु |

अवधारिजो जी ||2||

Activity : Collect pictures/ photos of material and written sources and exhibit them.

Std 6

1. The Indian Subcontinent and History

2. Sources of History

3. The Harappan Civilization

4. The Vedic Civilization  

5. Religious Trends in Ancient India

6. Janapadas and Mahajanapadas

7. India during the Maurya Period  

8. States after the Maurya Empire

9. Ancient Kingdoms of the South

10. Ancient India : Cultural

11. Ancient India and the World