Std 5 EVS 1 Chapter 15 Communication and Mass Media – questions and answers


1. Write down the educational uses of mass media.

Ans. (a) Educational information on agriculture, business, sports, tourism, academics etc., is given through television, radio, newspaper and the internet.

(b) Through mass media people can get the information from world over.

(c) People can gain knowledge about various topics on a click of a button.

2. How were messages communicated before we began to use the telephone?

Ans. Messages were communicated through letters and telegrams before the use of telephone.

3. What difference has the computer made to your life?

Ans. Because of computers I can get information on any topic very quickly. I can also watch videos and get access to pictures on a wide variety of topics. The computer helps me a lot in doing any kind of project or art work.


1. Make a table in your notebook as shown below and enter in it the different kinds of information obtained from different TV channels.

Sr. No. Channel Programme Use

2. Visit a radio station and gather information about the kind of work carried out there.

3. Discuss the educational programmes on the National Geographic, Discovery, Dnyanadarshana, and other channels.

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