Std 5 English lesson 27 The legend of Marathon Answers

Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 27 The Legend of Marathon

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 27 The Legend of Marathon Textbook Exercise Important Questions and Answers.

Maharashtra State Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 27 The Legend of Marathon

English Balbharati Std 5 Digest Chapter 27 The Legend of Marathon Textbook Questions and Answers

Meanings :

legendary – described in or based on legends.

inspired –  to make someone feel that they want to do something.

launch – set in motion.

flanks (here) – army.

archers – persons who shoot with a bow and arrows at a target. showered – threw a number of things all at once someone.

armour – the metal covering formerly worn to protect the body in battle.

terrain – a stretch of land especially with regard to its physical features.

marshy – waterlogged.

anchored – secured firmly to the sea.

devised – plan

pounce – to suddenly jump towards something.

strategists – a person skilled in planning a course of action

resolved – determined to do something.

mission – an important assignment given to a person.

collapsed – fell down suddenly.

commemorate – to remind people of an important person or event from the past, with a special action.

heavy heart – to be saddened

light feet – run swiftly

lose heart – become discouraged

Things to do:

1. Show the major events in the story of Pheidippides.

Ans. The Legend of Marathon.

  • The large army of Persia lands in the bay near Marathon to attack Athens.
  • They send a special messenger Pheidippides to the neighbouring kingdom of Sparta to seek help.
  • Pheidippides, a young man, runs to Sparta like the wind.
  • The people of Sparta are busy with some ceremonies and refuse to join the battle immediately.
  • Pheiddippides returns with the sad news, running another hundred kilometers within a day.
  • The Athens do not lose heart but bravely fight the Persians and win the battle.
  • Persians are not ready to accept defeat. They devise a new plan to attack the Athens from the seaside.
  • The Athens understand the Persian plan and send Pheiddipides to warn the people of Athens of the attack.
  • Pheiddipides takes the shorter route of cliffs and mountains to reach Athens faster than the Persians.
  • Pheiddipides is successful in his mission of delivering the warning before the Persians reach Athens.
  • But he collapses due to exertion and lays down his life in the service of Athens.
  • The sporting event, marathon was included in the Olympic Games to commemorate the legendary run of Pheiddipides from Marathon to Athens.


(1) Prepare and present a short speech on the following.

– An inspiring incident in the life of a great leader.

Ans. Good morning respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends. We have heard many stories of great leaders of our past. Im sure ou have also heard about our ‘People’s President Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam’. I shall now narrate two incidents from his life which have left a great impact on me. The life of Dr. Kalam teaches us that we have to inculcate greatness in our lives through little acts of kindness.

During a hectic project, one of the 70 scientists working on it asked Dr Kalam if he could leave at 5.30 pm that evening as he had promised to take his kids to an exhibition. Dr. Kalam gave him permission. However, the scientist got busy with work only to realise that it was 8.30 pm. When he looked for his boss, he wasn’t there. Guilty for having disappointed his kids, he went back home only to find that his kids weren’t there. When he asked his wife where they were, she replied, “You don’t know? Your manager came here at 5.15 pm and took the children to the exhibition.” When Dr. Kalam noticed him working hard at 5pm, he thought to himself that this person would not leave work, but if he had promised his children, they should definitely enjoy the exhibition. So he, the boss, took the lead and took them there!

While he was working on a construction project with DRDO, he asked the team what would they do to ensure security around a certain building. The team lead suggested: “Broken glass on the walls.” The former President was quick to turn down the suggestion. He said, “The birds cannot perch on the wall. Think of something else.” A politician who thought about birds as much as he did about people! 

Both these incidents prove that Dr Kalam practices empathy not only with fellow humans but also the animals around us.

Thank you all for attentively listening to me today.

Jai Hind!

– How I accomplished a difficult task.

Good morning respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends. Throughout our daily routine, we have to complete innumerable task. Most of them are easily achievable. But there are times when we get stuck up in accomplishing certain task. At such times we try to seek help. And when no help comes our way we want to give up. Today I would like to narrate an incident of how I accomplished a difficult task.

When my father was transferred to Mumbai, my happiness knew no bounds. I was super excited as I always wanted to explore a big city like Mumbai. I was enrolled in a prestigious school of the vicinity. I loved my school in no time had made a lot of friends. I was also  very comfortable with the subjects taught as I have always been a good student.

But one subject was very challenging and that was Marathi ass it was a new subject for me. In class I did not understand a word the teacher was explaining. It felt as if I had landed on a different planet. My mom appointed a special tutor who would come home every evening and teach me Marathi for an hour. She started with the basics of the language. Though she was loving and patient, she was very strict. She would often scold me for not getting the pronunciations or the spellings right. I would end up crying. In the 1st unit test I even failed in the subject. I dreaded the subject and hated the language altogether.  My tutor realized my dilemma and soon started teaching me songs and even conversing in Marathi. Gradually I started catching up and my grades also improved. Now that I was comfortable in the language, I started working hard day and night. And to everyone’s surprise I had scored the highest marks in my class in the final exam.

In conclusion I would like to say that perseverance and hard work always gives fruitful result. And my advice is that never get bowed down by any task no matter how impossible it may seem because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank You. Jai Hind!

(2) Write a short essay on the following.

– My favourite sports event.

Everyone knows the importance of sports. It not only keeps us physically fit but also shapes our overall personality. My favourite sports event is the Olympic Games.

Olympic Games are held once every four years. Sports persons from around the world compete with each other. In order to represent your country in any sport, one has to be the best in one’s own country first.

There are various sports categories through which an athlete can participate for example track and field events, water sports, badminton, basketball, volleyball, kayaking, fencing, etc. There is no age limit for competitors and there is no discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, caste or creed. The competitions are held on a very fair bases.

The Olympic flag has a white background and in the centre there are five interlaced rings of blue, yellow, black, green, and red. These rings represent the five parts of the world. ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ is the motto of the Olympic Games

I love watching the grand opening ceremony and the spectacular closing ceremony. I also keenly watch the televised matches and competitions, especially my favourite sport badminton.

The most important thing is not winning but participating as it is one of the most prestigious sports event in the world. I play badminton diligently and someday wish to represent India in the Olympic Games.

-What I would like to do for my country.

India is a vast country with diverse cultures, religions and topography. Not to forget the vast population. All this makes India a very challenging country. At this point the quote by John F. Kennedy comes to mind, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.’ Therefore if each one of us should work hard and try to make our country better and better each day.

Though I am just a student now, but some day as I advance in my career I would definitely like to serve and protect my country India in every way. I am very good at science and therefore would like to be a scientist. I would like to work in the field of research and bring about new inventions. Maybe work in the field of medicine and come up with new drugs to irradiate certain life threatening diseases cancer.

As I grow older, I would want to donate my earning to charity and work on social issues like hunger and poverty. I also wish to see that every Indian child is educated.