Students’ Corner – Paragraph Writing


—– Contribution from students

Contributed by Dhruv Nar – A student of JK Academy

☆Narrate a surprise that you organized for someone.

On fifth of January, my friend Parva turned 13. He was very excited that morning and wished it was a holiday. But since it was Monday, he had to attend school. Anyway, he was sure he would have a great time at school with his friends what with all wishing him happy birthday and maybe even gifting him something. As he boarded the bus, his excitement turned into sadness as no one wished him even after getting noticed that he was not dressed in his school uniform. They simply ignored him. Then again at school the same thing happened. Some students even teased him that he made his clothes dirty and so was wearing extra pair of clothes. He got very upset. Even his best friends were ignoring him. When he reached home from school, his mother was not at home, so he took the spare keys from his neighbour and entered his home. Since he was very tired and upset, he lied down on the sofa and soon fell asleep. At 7:00 in the evening, he got a call from an unknown number, when he answered it, he realized that it was his father calling him down. He saw that his father was waiting for him in the car and they went to ‘Sea n Rock’ – a famous restaurant in the neighbourhood. There he saw his mom, all his friends and relatives. We all wished him Happy Birthday. We all started dancing and then at 8:00 he cut the cake. Then we had dinner. I made him sit beside me and told him how we planned the surprise party for him. He was very happy because since morning he was thinking that everybody had forgotten his birthday and that nobody loved him. It was the most memorable birthday for him.



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