My Family essay for class 1

Essay writing for students.

Essay writing is taught and encouraged in school so that the child inculcates the habit of forming correct sentence structure. The child develops grammar rules and communication skills. The students also learns to express their thoughts fluently and thus gain confidence. Since these students are still in their early stages of learning, reading a lot of essays will help them building their vocabular and enhancing their writing skills. The following essay and other essays on this site will help the students in setting a firm foundation in writing their essays on their own.

Class 1 Essay on My Family

1) Hi, I’m Sujay. I am six years old.  

2) I belong to a loving family.

3) We are 6 of us living together.

4) The members of my family are my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, my mother, my brother, my sister and I.

5) My grandfather’s name is Bharat. He was an army officer.

6) My grandmother’s name is Vaishali. She was a school teacher.

7) My grandparents look after me and my younger sister when my parents go to work.

8) My father’s name is Rajiv. He is a Bank Manager.

9) My mother’s name is Swati. She is a business woman.

10) All the members of my family help and love each other.

11) I learn a lot of good habits and values from my family.

12) I feel happy to belong to such a loving and caring family.

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