Grammar Exercises – Grade 2


1. Sentences


Exercise 1:  Here are a group of words, tick those that you feel are sentences and

cross out  those that are not.

I love to play football.

shut quickly the door.

There are many oranges in the tree.

bell school ring the.

This computer is very slow.

Her name is Rosy.

My doctor father is a.

but it was closed

not good at I playing chess am.

We bought a new car.

My school starts at 8 am.

Types of sentences

Exercise 2:  Fill in the blank with the correct punctuation. Put (.) if it is a statement and put the (?) if it is a question.

  • The elephant is a huge animal ____

For a detailed worksheet click on – [download id=”670″]

For a complete lesson – click on – Sentences


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