Grade 6: Literature (Answers) – SSC – Maharashtra Board

1.1 Don’t Give Up – Answer

Q1. When should we never stop for crying?

Answer: We should never stop for crying when we have tried and not won.

Q2. What can we achieve just by patient trying?

Answer: We can achieve everything that’s great and good just by patiently trying.

Q3. What happens to young birds when they fly?

Answer: When young birds fly, they fall.

Q4. What happens when the young birds fall while flying?

Answer: When the young birds fall of while flying, their wings become stronger. And next time they can keep up a little longer.

Q5. When can the birds keep up a little longer?

Answer: The birds can keep up a little longer when even though they have fallen while flying they continue their effort of trying to fly.

Q6. What does the poet mean by ‘bow down’?

Answer: Bow down means to bend down because of the blast of stormy winds.

Q7. What has made the sturdy oak bow down?

Answer: The blast from the wind has made the sturdy oak bow down.

Q8. What does the sturdy oak tree do after being bow down?

Answer: Even after being bowed down by the blast of stormy winds the sturdy oak rises again and continues growing.

Q9. How has the sturdy oak been able to grow loftier and prouder?

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