Grade 5 Nouns & Kinds of Nouns

Nouns & Kind of Nouns


Noun: A noun is a naming word.

Noun can be the name of a person, place, animal, thing or event.

Nouns are all around us.

In order to understand them better we classify them into the following types:

Types of Nouns:

1) Proper Noun

2) Common Noun

3) Abstract Noun

4) Material Noun

5) Collective Noun

Proper Noun:

The name of a particular, person, place, animal, thing or event is a Proper Noun.

For Example:

Sarah took part in the football match.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

Browny, my dog loves to play in the mud.

The Olympic Games are held once in four years.

Common Noun:

The name of any person, place, animal, thing or event is a Common Noun.

For Example:

The girl took part in the football match.

The store was very big.

The dog loves to play in the mud.

The games are held once a year.

Abstract Noun:

The name of a quality that persons or things have, an action they do or the state they find themselves in is an Abstract Noun.

For Example:

Honesty is the best policy.

The birth of a child is joy for the entire family.

Animals should not be treated with cruelty.

A diamond is known for its hardness.

Material Noun:

The name of an object or substance from which other things are made of are Material Nouns.

For Example:

We usually wear cotton clothes in summer.

Mercury is the only metal in liquid state.

Salt and sugar are common preservatives.

We get wool from sheep.

Collective Noun:

The name of the same kind Of persons, animals or things taken together and regarded as one entity is called a Collective Noun.

For Example:

A flock of sheep were grazing in the field.

The gang of thieves were caught by the police.

The fox could not reach the bunch of grapes.

She presented a bouquet of flowers.

Exercise: Pick out the nouns and say the type of noun.

1. In India we celebrate many festivals.

2. Janki wants to be a doctor.

3. The birth of the child brought joy to the family.

4. The police couldn’t control the mob.

5. Sara wore a silk dress for the party.

6. Children should drink milk.

7. A gang of robbers broke into the house.

8. Everyone loves to wear gold ornaments.

9. This sweater is made of wool.

10. Stray animals should not be treated with cruelty.

Answers Key:

1. India – proper noun; festivals – common noun

2. Janiki – proper noun; doctor – common noun

3. birth, joy – abstract noun; family – collective noun

4. police – common noun; mob – collective noun

5. Sara – proper noun; silk- material noun; dress, party – common noun

6. children – common noun; milk – material noun

7. gang – collective noun; robbers, house – common noun

8. gold – material noun; ornaments – common noun

9. sweater – common noun; wool – material noun

10. animals – common noun; cruelty – abstract noun