Class 7 History Lesson 5 The foundation of Swaraj answers

Maharashtra Board Class 7 History Solutions Chapter 5 The Foundation of the Swaraj

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 7 History Solutions Chapter 5 The Foundation of the Swaraj Notes, Textbook Exercise Important Questions and Answers.

Maharashtra State Board Class 7 History Solutions Chapter 5 The Foundation of the Swaraj

Class 7 History Chapter 5 The Foundation of the Swaraj Textbook Questions and Answers


1. Find the odd man out:

(1) Pune, Supe, Chakan, Bengaluru
Answer: Bengaluru

(2) Jadhavs of Phaltan, Mores of Javali, Ghorpades of Mudhol, Sawants of Sawantwadi
Answer: Jadhavs of Phaltan

(3) Torana, Murumbdev, Sinhgad,Sindhudurg
Answer: Sindhudurg.

2. Write about in your words:

(1) The efforts Veermata Jijabai took for Shivaji Maharaj’s education.

Answer: Following are the efforts that Veermata Jijabai took for Shivaji Maharaj’s education:

(i) She constantly guided Shivaji in the mission of establishing Swaraj.

(ii) She instilled in him values like modesty, truthfulness, oratory, vigilance, courage and fearlessness.

(iii) She saw that he was trained in the usage of weapons and inspired in him, the will to win and the dream of Swaraj.

(2) Shivaji Maharaj started his work of founding Swaraj in the Maval region.

Answer: Shivaji Maharaj started the work of founding the Swaraj in the Maval region because:

(i) The Maval terrain is full of hills and valleys and is not easily accessible.

(ii) Shivajiraje made use of these geographical features of Maval very skilfully for the purpose of the foundation of the Swaraj.

3. List the companions and associates of Shivaji Maharaj.

  1. Yesaji Kank
  2. Baji Pasalkar
  3. Bapuji Mudgal
  4. Kavji Kondhalkar
  5. Jiva Mahala
  6. Tanaji Malusare
  7. Kanhoji Jedhe
  8. Bajiprabhu Deshpande
  9. Dadaji Narasprabhu Deshpande.
  10. Narhekar Deshpande brothers

4. Find out and write.

(1) Why Shahaji Maharaj is termed a Swaraj visionary.

Answer: While Shivaji and Jijabai were at Bengaluru, he had arranged for providing excellent education to Shivaji so as to enable him to become a king. He himself aspired to establish Swaraj by ousting the powers of foreign people. That is why, he is known as Swaraj visionary.

(2) Shivaji Maharaj paid attention to building a Navy.

Answer: Shivaji Maharaj captured Kalyan and Bhiwandi on the Konkan Coast. There he came into contact with the Siddi, Portuguese and British powers on the Western Coast. Shivaji Maharaj realised that in order to fight these powers, it was necessary to have a strong naval force. Therefore, he concentrated on building a navy.

(3) Shivaji Maharaj entered into a treaty with the Adilshah.

Answer: The conflict with Adilshahi continued even as the Mughal army invaded the Swaraj. Maharaj realised that it would not be prudent to fight two enemies at one and the same time. Therefore, after reaching Vishalgad safely, he entered into a treaty with the Adilshah. As per the treaty, he returned the fort of Panhala to the Adilshah.

(4) How Shivaji Maharaj escaped from Panhalgad.

Answer: Shiva Kashid, a brave youth, resembled Shivaji Maharaj in looks. He dressed up like Shivaji Maharaj and sat in a palanquin. The palanquin left by the ‘Raj dindi’ gate. It was captured by the Siddi’s army. Shiva Kashid sacrificed himself on this occasion for Swaraj. In the meanwhile, Shivaji Maharaj left the fort using another difficult route and escaped Panhalgad.


(1) Describe a fort you have seen. Suggest measures for conserving a historical site.

(2) Find out what a 7/12 extract means and relate it to the words in the chapter.