Class 6 Civics Lesson 1 Our Life in Society answers

Maharashtra Board Class 6 Civics Solutions Chapter 1 Our Life in Society

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 6 Civics Solutions Chapter 1 Our Life in Society Important Questions and Answers.   

Maharashtra Board Class 6 Civics Solutions Chapter 1 Our Life in Society

Class 6 Civics Chapter 1 Our Life in Society Textbook Questions and Answers


1. Fill in the blanks:

(1) Man felt the need for ______ for the day to day affairs of society to run smoothly.
Answer: rules

(2) _______ helps the development of people’s talents.
Answer: Society

(3) We all have some emotional and some _____ needs too.
Answer: physical

2. Answer in one sentence:

(1) What are the basic needs of man.
Answer: Food, clothes, shelter, education and health 1 are the basic needs of man.

(2) Whose company do we like?
Answer: We like the company of our family members, relatives and friends.

(3) What opportunities does society provide us with?
Answer: Society helps in the development of our emotional capabilities and the power to think. It also provides the opportunity for expressing our thoughts and feelings.

3. What do you think? Answer in two or three sentences:

(1) How is a society formed?

  • A society is formed when people come together to achieve certain common objectives.
  • A society includes different groups, institutions and organisations.

(2) Why is it necessary to set up a permanent system in society?

  • In order to fulfil needs like food, clothing, shelter and security, society has to create a , permanent system.
  • Without a system, the day-to-day affairs of the society cannot be carried on.
  • A system is essential for the continued existence of the society.

(3) What makes life in society more stable and organised?

  • A vast system needs to be created includes factories to manufacture tools and equipment used for farming, a market for the goods produced, etc.
  • The existence of many such systems makes a society stable and organised.

(4) If there were no social institutions what difficulties would we have faced?

  • If there were no social institutions individual development would not have taken place at the fullest. It would be difficult to meet our physical and emotional needs.
  • There would be no social stability or security.

4. What would you do in the following situations?

(1) Your friend has forgotten to bring something he needs in school.
Answer: If I have the things that he needs then I will share it with him. If I don’t have them then seek the help of my classmates or inform the teacher.

(2) You meet a blind or otherwise handicapped person on the way.
I will ask if he needs help. I will help him cross the road and make sure that he reaches his destination safely.


  • Meet a skilled tradesman who makes farmers’ tools. Make a list of all those who help the farmer in his work.
  • Visit a nearby bank and find out the different purposes for which the bank lends money.
  • Make a list of man’s basic needs and some additional needs.