Class 5 EVS 1 Lesson 11 Our Home and Environment Answers

Maharashtra Board Class 5 EVS Solutions Part 1 Chapter 11 Our Home and Environment

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 5 Environmental Studies Solutions Chapter 11 Our Home and Environment Notes,

Textbook Exercise Important Questions and Answers

Maharashtra State Board Class 5 EVS Solutions Part 1 Chapter 11 Our Home and Environment

5th Std EVS 1 Digest Chapter 11 Our Home and Environment Textbook Questions and Answers


1. (a) Which of the following houses would be suitable in a mountainous region? Put a ‘✓’ in the appropriate box. Give reasons for selecting that house.

Answer: Only house number 1 will be suitable in a mountainous region. Because this house is made of bricks and cement, so it will be able to bear the mountainous weather and winds.

(b) What materials will you mainly use for building a multi-storeyed house? Choose the correct option. (a) Mortar / coal / cement / bricks

(b) Cement / bricks / cotton / iron

(c) Iron / cement / mortar / bricks

Answer: (c) Iron / cement / mortar / bricks

2. Arrange the following considerations from the most to least important in house-building.

(a) Luxury

(b) Structure

(c) Climate


(a) Climate

(b) Structure

(c) Luxury

3. Write the following.

(a) List the eco-friendly things in your house.

Answer: earthern pot for drinking water, cotton clothes, jute mats, door mats of coir, etc

(b) Which of the gadgets in the house can be run on solar energy?

Answer: Solar water heater, solar cooker, solar calculator, etc

4. What are the types of pollution that can be observed at a construction site?

Answer: At a construction site we observe pollution of air, water, soil and noise.


(1) Prepare a model of an eco-friendly house.

(2) Prepare and present a street play with the help of your teacher to raise public awareness regarding the prevention of any kind of harm to the environment.

(3) With people’s participation, hold an exhibition to display the significance of the biodiversity in your area.

Extra Textual Questions:

(a) Observe the map and the pictures of houses and complete the following chart. (refer page 53 of your text book)

Sr. No. Region Type Shape / Construction Building material
Roof Walls
1. Plains Flat-roofed house Rectangular Wood, earth Stone, earth
2. Plateau Slopping roof Rectangular Hay, wood Stone, earth
3. Heavy rainfall Slopping roof Rectangular Wood, tiles Bricks, cement
4. Mountainous Slopping roof Rectangular Wood, tiles Bricks, cement
5. Desert Flat-roofed house square Cement Stone, earth

Try this.

Find the original sources from which construction material is obtained and note them down in the following chart.


Material Original Source
Bricks Soil
Cement Limestone
Iron Iron ore
Wood Trees
Water Rain
Rubble Soil
Glass Sand
Floor Tiles Clay and fine sand
Sand River
Roof Tiles Soil
Tin Sheets Tin ore

What’s the solution?

Construction work is going on opposite Ajit’s house. That means constant loud noise and a lot of dust in the air. Ajit and his family have to suffer this all the time. What can Ajit do to find a way out of this problem?
Answer: Ajit and his family will have to keep their windows closed for some days till the dust and noise reduces.

Use your brain power!

For what purpose do birds use their nests?

Answer: Birds use their nest to lay eggs and take care of the young ones.

What’s the solution?

What can we do to build houses without harming the environment?

Discuss your solutions in the class

Answer: We should use materials that can last for a long time as well as material that can be recycled and reused.