Class 5 English Lesson 11 Be a Good Speaker Answers

Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 11 Be a Good Speaker

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 11 Be a Good Speaker Notes, Textbook Exercise Important Questions and Answers.

Maharashtra State Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 11 Be a Good Speaker

English Balbharati Std 5 Digest Chapter 11 Be a Good Speaker Textbook Questions and Answers

Things to do

1. List and say whether the following statements agree with the passage or not.

(1) You should always speak softly but clearly.

Answer: Agree

(2) In a discussion, you should share your ideas with others.

Answer: Agree

(3) If you don’t understand something, don’t let the others know about it.

Answer: Disagree

(4) You should try to talk most of the time whenever there is a discussion.

Answer: Disagree

(5) You should look at the person you are talking to.

Answer: Agree

(6) When you want to make a speech, there’s no need to think about it in advance.

Answer Disagree

2. Think about what you do and what you must learn to do when you speak. Make a list of such ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ for yourself.

Do’s and Don’ts when we speak

Do’s Don’ts
1. Be prepared and confident 1. Read from a written material
2. Be interesting and enthusiastic about your ideas. 2. Show lack of interest
3. Include stories, examples, illustrations, chart, etc. 3. Speak in a loud or impolite tone
4. Maintain eye contact and body language 4. Look away from the listeners or cause distraction.
5. Keep it short 5. Speak continuously and irrelevant points
6. Get your facts right 6. Speak without any preparation

3. List the polite expressions we use such as “Pardon’.

Answer: Thank you, sorry, welcome, excuse me, my pleasure, may I?, please, etc.

4. Look at the speaker in each picture. Say whether each one is a good speaker. Give reasons for your answer. (refer to text book page 27)


Picture 1 Not a good speaker She is not prepared, she looks nervous, she is reading from her notes and not having eye contact with the audience.
Picture 2 Not a good speaker He is speaking very loudly, he is speaking on irrelevant so the audience showing disinterest.
Picture 3 A good speaker She is well prepared and confident
Picture 4 Not a good speaker He is speaking very softly and looks nervous and unsure of what he wants to say. He is not having eye contact with the listener.
Picture 5 A good speaker He is looking at the person he is talking to and speaking in soft and clear voice.