A Lesson for All Std 5 questions answers

Class 5 A Lesson 14 A Lesson for all

Things to do

1. Answer the following questions.

(1) What difficulties do the people in the play face in the morning?

Ans. The people in the play did not get their newspaper and milk in the morning.

(2) What more difficulties would they have to face, if the roads are not cleared?

Ans. If the roads are not cleared then the adults would not be able to go to work, the children may have to miss school, and the people maybe injured.

(3) What are the complaints of the animals?

Ans. The animals complaint that the people are dumping the garbage in the forest and contaminating the water of chemicals and other poisonous substance. Due to which the animals and tree are dying.

2. List the characters in the play

Human Characters:

Newspaper boy, milkman, hawker, school-bus driver, Dr Sawant, Mrs Patel, Mr.Desai, Mayor of the town, Mrs Joshi, Nidhi and Madhu ( School-going girls)

Animal Characters:

Rabbit, deer, peacock, squirrel, bear, birds, tortoise

3. Activity

(1) Enact the play

(2) Write slogans for the cleanliness drive in your area

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

A clean Earth leads to green Earth

(3) Write a short note/story based on the ill effects of pollution.

4. Language Study

(1) Find two examples of each of the following from the lesson.

A Statement : Mr Patel is waiting for his morning cup of tea.

A Question: Where did this litter and garbage come from?

A Command: Nidhi, run and fetch Dr Sawant.

An Exclamation: What nonsense is this!

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5. Group Activity

(1) Form groups of four or five.

Try to find the answers to the following questions through observation and by talking to your teachers, parents and others. Discuss your answers in the group.

How is waste generated?

How is it removed or cleared?

How can we help in the task of clearing or removing garbage?

(2) In what way can we help to reduce or minimize waste generation? Discuss the issue in groups of 4 or 5 and note down all good suggestions. Resolve to follow them yourself. Some have been given below for your reference.

Don’t waste food.

Take as much as you want but finish everything that’s on your plate.

Don’t throw away broken or half-used things. Repair them and use them.

Avoid things which can be used only once.

For example: thermocol (polysterene) cups, plastic glasses, etc.



Meanings of difficult words from the lesson:

grumpy – irritable

bare – without anything / empty

limping – walking with difficulty

tripped – to fall over something

sprained – twist the ligaments of any part of the body causing pain and swelling

fetch – bring

dispose – to throw away something

endanger – to put someone or something in danger

hinder – to make it difficult for someone

confess – admit to one’s mistake

dwelling – a place of residence

vanishing – disappearing

Meaning of phrases from the lesson:

turned up – arrive or appear

presence of mind – to take quick and sensible action

spare anyone – to punish someone

have a point – to be right

opened our eyes – to realize the truth

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