For 4-7 years

Inculcate the habit of reading from a young age.

Festivals and birthdays are the right time to gift children books to read.

And story books are the best bait to wane children away from electronic gadgets.

A pick to encourage tiny tots to read:

Beginning to read novels at an early age boosts the imagination of children and naturally teaches them many moral values that come rather difficult to them. Peppa Pig fairy tales are exactly what you could be looking for if you want to embed in your children a habit that will live with them forever.

Perfect blend of entertainment and education:

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‘Peppa Pigs: Fairy Tale Little Library’ is a collection of mini fairy tale classics along with the characters of Peppa Pig. For those who are already familiar with Peppa Pig tales, this pick doesn’t need any introduction. However, for those encountering Peppa Pig tale books for the first time, you will be amazed to see how substantial a difference a fairy tale can make in terms of your child’s growth.

Peppa Pig Stories revolve around Peppa, a female pig. The tales have everyday stories of her, her family and her friends. She and her younger brother have many friends who are all different species of mammals. The tales feature various day-to-day tasks like going to a kindergarten, playing, swimming and hanging around with friends, family and much more.

The stories are a great learning curve for children as they encounter the everyday hustle and experience the fun and responsibilities that comes with it too.

About the book type:

‘Peppa Pigs: Fairy Tale Little Library’ is essentially a collection of six Peppa Pig books packed together in a beautifully designed slipcase box. The book is apt for readers from the age of 3-6 years old. Each book has been written in an illustrative manner. The paperback books are light for the children to hold and hence can easily be carried. Each book contains a jig-saw puzzle at the end which is definitely what the children will look forward too.

About the Publishers:

‘Penguin UK’ are renowned publishers who have significant contributions in the field of books. Established in Britain in 1935, the firm publishes not only fictional books but also books on politics, arts and science.

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Story Books set of 10 in English with 101 Moral Stories from Inikao

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365 Bedtime Stories

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365 Bedtime Stories is a compilation of short stories for small kids, one for each day of the year. Kids like to hear fancy stories of fairy-tales and also a new story every time. No repetition for the little one and they are smart enough to catch a repetitive story.

This book has solved the headache of young parents to come up with a new fancy story every night. The earlier generations grew up on stories narrated to them by their grandparents, the typical ‘dadi-nani ki kahaaniyan’. But, in today’s’ times of nuclear families and working parents, it is impossible to entertain the demands of the kids all the time.

Om Books Publications has come up with this beautiful creation in the form of a collection of short-fables for the entertainment of kids, which in turn is a relief for the parents. To order this valuable purchase, customers can directly go online at Amazon India.



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