3. Singular and Plural Nouns for Grade 1

Singular and Plural



Rules for changing nouns from Singular to Plural:


1. To change the nouns from singular to plural we normally add ‘s’ at the end of the word.

Exercise 1:

One book           two ___________

One chair          three __________

One bag            six ____________

One boat           many ___________

One phone         many ___________

One shirt          many ___________



2. Nouns that end with s, ss, sh, ch and x can be made plural by adding ‘es’.

Exercise 2:

gas            _____________

class         _____________

bush          _____________

match        _____________

box            _____________


3. Nouns that end with the letter y, can be made plural by changing y to ‘ies’ to make it plural.

Exercise 3:

lady           _____________

berry        _____________

baby          _____________

candy         _____________

lorry          _____________


4. When the noun has a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) before the end letter y, then just add s to it to make it plural.

Exercise 4:

boy            ___________

ray          ___________

tray           ___________

key            ___________

trolley       ___________


5. When a noun ends with o, then es is added to it to make it plural.

Exercise 5:

potato       _____________

tomato      _____________

buffalo      _____________

mango        _____________

hero          _____________   


6. When a noun ends with f or fe, then f or fe is changed

into v and es is added.

 Exercise 6: 

leaf           _____________

half          _____________

calf           _____________

knife          _____________

wife           _____________   



7. There are some nouns that end with f or fe, but we only add s to make it plural.


Exercise 7:

chief         _____________

roof           _____________

chef          _____________

giraffe     _____________

cliff         _____________   


8. There are a few nouns which form their plurals by changing the inside vowel to make them plural.


Exercise 8:


tooth         _____________

goose        _____________

mouse        _____________

man           _____________

woman      _____________   




9. Few nouns take en at the end to form its plural.


Exercise 9:

ox              _____________

child         _____________


10. Some nouns remain the same in their plural form.


Exercise 10:

sheep         _____________

deer         _____________

corn          ______________

gold          ______________





Exercise 11: Underline the correct form of the plural noun

1.    My mom gave me two big (potato, potatoes) in my lunch box.

2.   The (woman, women) was standing at the bus stop.

3.   Ron’s uncle has two (buffalo, buffaloes) in his farm.

4.   The three (thief, thieves) were caught by the policeman.



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