Std 5: What A Bird Thought

  1. What A Bird Thought 

I lived first in a house,

And lived there very well;

The world to me was small and round

And made of pale-blue shell.


I lived next in a little nest,

Nor needed any other;

I thought the world was made of straw,

And covered by my mother.


One day I fluttered from the nest,

To see what I could find.

I said, “The world is made of leaves;

I have been very blind.”


At last I flew beyond the tree,

And saw the sky so blue;

Now, how the world is really made

I cannot tell – can you?

Answer the following questions:

Q1. Which is the first little house of the bird?

*Q2 Describe the first house of the bird.

Q3 Which is the second little house of the bird?

*Q4 Describe the bird’s nest.

Q5 Why did the bird say, “The world is made of leaves.”

Q6 Why does the bird say, “I have been very blind.”

Q7 Which is the next house of the bird after it comes out of the nest?

Q8 Describe what the bird will see after it comes out of the nest.

*Q9. Describe how the bird will see the world when it is soaring high in the sky. Or

What did the bird see when it flew beyond the tree.

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