Std 5 Lesson 3 Be a good listener – questions and answers (Q bank)

3. Be a Good Listener

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Things to do:

1. Write the characteristics of a good listener.

2. Listen carefully and guess how the sentence would end.

    (1) Once there was a crow. He was very thirsty.

        He wanted to drink ________  _________.

    (2) There were dark clouds in the sky. Soon, it began to _______.

    (3) This step is broken. Please be ____________.

    (4) When the students saw the question paper, they were


    (5) When the teacher read the answer papers, she was


3. Listen carefully and write all the words correctly.

    (1) You are right. Write it down in the right hand corner.

    (2) ‘I need two books.’ ‘Me, too.’ ‘I gave one to my sister.’

    (3) He ate the whole apple but there were holes in the apple.

    (4) Do you know the tale of the mouse who had seven tails? Please 

          tell it to us.

     (5) I knew you wanted new shoes.

4. Activities

        (1) Sit quietly for some time. Close your eyes and listen carefully

              to all the sounds that you hear. Can you guess what sounds

              they are, who or what is making that sound?

             Note down what you heard.

        (2) List 5 of the sounds that you like and 5 of the sounds that

              you don’t like.

Extra Questions:

Q1. Fill in the blanks.

(1) It is important to be a ____________________.

(2) Good Listeners look at the ____________________.

(3) Good Listeners pay close _________________ to the speaker.

(4) Sometime it helps to ______________important words or points.

(5) You may ____________ the meaning of the difficult word or phrase later on.

Q2. Read the lesson and answer the following questions.

(1) When is it important to be a good listener?

(2) How can you find out if you are a god listener?


      Which three questions should you ask yourself to find out if you

        are a good listener?.

(4) List down some of the things that will help you understand the speaker.

(5) What should you do if you hear some new or unfamiliar words?

(6) How can you get your doubts clarified?

(7) Why does it also help to keep thinking about what you heard?

(8) What should you do even as you listen to the speaker?

(9) What should you not do while you listen to someone?

(10) What attempts do you make to be attentive in class?

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For the Pdf of the Q-bank Click on the clink below

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