Grade 7: Literature – SSC (Maharashtra Board)

Grade 7

1.2 Odd One In

Passage 1 :  page 3:  “How was the first…….. ….”  Rima and her friend had decided to do just that.

  1. What were Rima’s parents enquiring about with her?
  2. Who was the new girl in school? Why did Rima find her funny?
  3. How according to Mr. Sen are the children from the other state?
  4. Why did Rima not agree with her father?  Or How did Rima decide whether or not Malti was smart?
  1. What did Rima’s parents’ advise her? Or How did Rima’s parents’ hope she and her friends would not do?
  1. What had Rima and her gang decided to do?
  2. Is it right to judge people by their appearance? Justify your answer?

Passage 2 : page 3 & 4:  Next morning, the minute Malti……… quite a little snob!” said Mr. Sen sadly.

  1. What competition was coming up? When?
  2. Under which category was Rima participating in?
  3. What was Rima surprised to see?
  4. Did Rima and Clare pass good remarks about Malti? What were they?
  5. How did Malti prove Rima and Clare wrong?
  6. What had Rima and her gang decided to do while Malti sang? Why didn’t they do it?
  7. How did everyone react when Malti finished singing?
  8. Why did Rima feel no joy even though she came first in her category?
  9. Is it right to pass snide remarks about someone? Why?

Passage 3: page 5:  

“As the term progressed…………………. ……. Particularly at her English”

  1. List down Malti’s qualities. Or As the term progressed, what qualities of Malti became abundantly clear to all?

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