English Language Classes

  Syllabus includes:

* English grammar for SSC, ICSE, CBSE, IB.

* Essay and creative writing through worksheets.

* Conversation & Communication Skills through Speech, Drama & Role-play.

* Audio – visual aid through Projector.

Classes held: once a week for 2 hours


  Phonics Classes (with Conversation)

    Jr. K.G. and Sr. K.G.

   Audio – visual aid through Projector

   Classes held: once a week for 2 hours


Reading & Spelling Proficiency

 Step by step method

 Classes held once a week for 2 hours


ABACUS  Classes     

ABACUS is an internationally well-known, powerful mental development program for children.  After completion of this course your child will add, subtract, multiply and divide large numbers with greater speed than electronic calculators and show more interest in his/her academic career.

 Students will gain the confidence of loving the subject and say good bye to the fear of Math forever.

 Course duration:

  Basic Levels:  8          Grand levels: 2

  Each Level   : 3 months (12 sessions)

  Classes held : once a week for 2 hours

Handwriting Improvement course